Cub Camp 2015

Summer in England is never predictable but 15 Cub Scouts had a great time in the worst weekend for a long time.

DSCN0103We have great time at Gilwell and even enjoyed (?) a long walk in the rain in Epping Forest – we were allegedly looking for the Lost Pond but never got that far. We were, however, very close to Dick Turnip’s Cave (stand and deliver your vegetables anyone?) or maybe it was Dick Turpin’s Cave?

We did lots of activities (aeroball, bouldering, pedal go-karts, canoeing, grass sledging and even Jacobs Ladder) and ate very well thanks to Catherine’s excellent cooking.

A great time was had by all despite the weather (dodge-ball in a tent in the rain can be quite challenging).

Lets hope we all dry out in time for Mums and Cubs in a little over a months time.

For more details see here.

Climbing at Go Outdoors

A great night climbing at the Go Outdoors indoor climbing wall. Just the rigth height and difficulty for Cub Scouts and a fitting end to an exciting term of the ‘everyday adventure’.

IMG_1890Thanks are due to the management of Go Outdoors (Oliver Penn and Connor) for letting us do this and particular thanks to Sam (the instructor) for courage in the face of 21 Cub Scouts. Sam did a wonderful job keeping the Cub Scouts safe whilst climbing and still making it great fun.


Chariot Racing

Well done to the Cubs Chariot Racing team who came second in the Hitchin Scouts Chariot racing.IMG_1388The Cubs had great starts, great running and really quick changeovers.IMG_1385The victorious team (and pseudo Manager – it was really Inga who did the hard work)  IMG_1392

Equestrian Badge at Courtlands Riding Stables

The Cubs visited Courtlands Riding Stables to do their equestrian badge.

Great staff and a great time was had by all as the Cubs rode horses:


Learnt about grooming and looking after horses and how to ride safely on the road.


Merry, the baby donkey was a special favourite.

Highly recommended as an activity for Cub Scouts to learn a little more about horses.

I even learnt what a chestnut was!

Cubs Winter Camp 2015

It was a tough time for the teddies and cuddly toys at the Winter Camp. First they were catapulted across the hall and then they tried parachuting from a 45m ALP (Aerial Lifting Platform). All the teddies survived (including the one teddy whose parachute failed to open and who plummeted to earth) but some were severely traumatized by the experience!

Winter Camp is a great time and even though we don’t actually camp out (we stay in a Church Hall), we do lots of activities similar to those we do at Summer Camp. This year, in addition to giving the teddies a work-out, we did orienteering, building towers (out of paper and sticky-tape), rode on trains (to quote Hayley: “Cubs on a train, arguably more scary than snakes on a plane”), visited Stevenage Museum and Stevenage Fire Station, ate lots of good food and did competition Mario karting.

A great weekend and 16 exhausted Cub Scouts (as well as 4 exhausted leaders).

Personal safety

The Cubs have been learning about Personal Safety both in the country and in the city. ‘999’ or ‘No, No, No’ gave them an opportunity to decide when to dial 999 and ‘Which service do you need’ gave them the opportunity to decide what service was needed if they dialed ‘999’ – some confusion about road accidents and which service to call!

All good fun and hopefully educational and keep them safe when out and about.

Orienteering or ‘Cunning Running’

How do you get 26 Cub Scouts lost in a church hall? Simple, send them orienteering around the hall. Orienteering is normally carried out in the woods and we try to do this on most camps (those who went on Dads and Lads will remember running around Whippendell Woods looking for check points).

Last night we learnt about map references and did orienteering in the church hall. The highlight was 1 boy who claimed he had lost his six in the church hall!

Winter Camp

The Cub Scouts are off soon on there annual Winter Camp. Exciting things to do whilst ‘camping’ in a local church hall. In previous years we have been to Bromham, Letchworth and Bedford. This year we will be ‘out and about’ in the Stevenage area.

Chariot racing

Our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts all took part in the District chariot racing. Our Leaders and supporters also entered the adult races. We didn’t win anything, but a great time was had by all.

Chariot racing 2014

Chariot racing 2014