Cub camp FAQ

These might answer your questions…if not, please ask.  We’d rather you ask than be worried.

What should we bring? What sort of bag should we use?

Check the kit list on the website

Please make sure all items are marked with the surname of the child. This is so that we can return things to them, not so that they can recognise them! Things always get lost at camp and names on them means that anybody can get the things back to the right cub. A biro name on the label is OK, we do not insist on sewn-in labels. The highest level of losses are usually woggles (attach to scarf with safety pin), hats, (Cubs unaware of which one belongs to them) fleeces and jumpers (discarded in the woods or used as goalposts and forgotten) and for this camp gloves and scarfs. We usually bring back most of what has been lost, but if you don’t know its missing it’s difficult to return it if unlabeled.

Always get the Cub Scout to pack his bag himself. If they do not pack the bag they will not know what is in it and will deny having spare socks/T-shirts and other items despite the fact that they are actually in the bag. If they pack it themselves they will at least know it is there somewhere. We have had boys go home after camp still not knowing what was in their bag, this reduces the washing when they get home but they are rather dirty by this time!

Is there anything that’s not allowed?

Yes. We do not like to have knives of any type at camp and you should not send your child with any type of knife. We also do not allow mobile phones of any type at camp. Do not send a mobile with a child! We can always be contacted on in emergencies on 07917 124455 (Skip) and 07801 531268 (Kaa) – leave a message and a return number.

What will the food be like?

Fantastic! Breakfast and evening meal are usually cooked, lunch is sandwiches etc.  We stick with favourites that are popular.

How cold does it get at night?

It can be pretty cold, so your cub needs a warm sleeping bag. He should also bring a blanket but please be aware that it may get a little muddy. Wearing a hat in bed keeps your feet warm! It is also important to have a foam sleeping mat to lie on, to keep you away from the cold ground.

Who will my Cub be sharing a tent with?

We spend a lot of time working out the best plan for who is in each tent. The aim is to make sure that each tent has friends in it, and each tent has an experienced Cub who can help the younger ones.

Is there anything parents can do to help?

Talk to your child about what to expect. Let leaders know of any specific anxieties, these can often be resolved. Make sure that leaders have all the information they need about your child. Our general rule of thumb is that in any given situation we will try to act as a responsible parent would.

At the end of the camp, we may send your Cub home with some equipment or part of a tent that needs cleaning or drying. Please return it clean and dry at the next Cub Pack meeting.

Anything else?

Contact a leader if you have any concerns with this list. We are very pleased to give guidance to any parent, especially those of Cubs who have not been away before.

If they have forgotten something it is never a disaster and we will always look after them somehow. We always have spare sleeping bags and other kit in case of accidents. We do not make a fuss about this sort of thing.

Cub camp should be an exciting time for the boys and they always enjoy it. There is nothing is to worry about – we always bring most of them back OK.

Hope this is helpful, but as always let me know if you have any specific questions. We will not be having a separate camp meeting as it’ s just for one night and most Cubs have been away before.