Chariot racing 2014

For 2014, the traditional soap box derby will be a bit different. On the afternoon of 14 June, we are racing at Butts Close, having constructed chariots to a new standard design provided by the District.

We need charioteers, horses, and painters and decorators, and a bit of help to finish construction wouldn’t go amiss. Here’s Bernard, with David as labourer’s assistant, working on the first of our two chariots:

Sawing wood for the chariots

Chariot construction commences

Chariot bodywork

Bodywork under construction

Chariot with wheels

The part-built body resting temporarily on its wheels – axle not yet fastened in place

Chariot bodywork

Part of the chariot bodywork

Chariot body

Another view of the chariot body

Cutting the yoke

Cutting the yoke for the first chariot

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