Cubs and Jungle Book

Why Jungle Book names? B-P started the Wolf Cubs in 1916.  Rudyard Kipling the man who wrote the Jungle Book, was a friend of his.  BP liked the Jungle Book stories they were fun and encouraged an interest in nature and outdoor activities, which appealed to boys as much then as it does today.  It also showed the characters strict code of behaviour and loyalty, fair play and clean living which could well serve as a pattern for every day life. So BP asked Rudyard Kipling if he could use the Jungle Book stories as the background to the Wolf Cubs. The name Wolf Cubs stayed with the section till 1966, when they became Cub Scouts.

Akela (Ah-ky-la*h) – The Father Wolf – Leader of the Pack
Baloo (Baa-loo) – the Bear
Bagheera (Ba*r*gheer-a*h*) – in history (the Panther)
Chil (Cheel) – the Kite
Kaa (Kar) – the Python