Cub Camp 2015

Summer in England is never predictable but 15 Cub Scouts had a great time in the worst weekend for a long time.

DSCN0103We have great time at Gilwell and even enjoyed (?) a long walk in the rain in Epping Forest – we were allegedly looking for the Lost Pond but never got that far. We were, however, very close to Dick Turnip’s Cave (stand and deliver your vegetables anyone?) or maybe it was Dick Turpin’s Cave?

We did lots of activities (aeroball, bouldering, pedal go-karts, canoeing, grass sledging and even Jacobs Ladder) and ate very well thanks to Catherine’s excellent cooking.

A great time was had by all despite the weather (dodge-ball in a tent in the rain can be quite challenging).

Lets hope we all dry out in time for Mums and Cubs in a little over a months time.

For more details see here.

Camp 3: rolling rock and rabbit warren

Given a leader with an iffy knee, the planned hike wasn’t going to work, and we had a rethink. We challenged ourselves to the rolling rock, a kind of continuous climbing wall that moves down as fast as you climb up, and then tips to simulate an over-hang. Kanchenjunga here we come! What comes up must come down, so we then explored the underground tunnel system – the nearest thing to real caving in Hertfordshire.

Camp 1:Batak and buzzwire

On our first day at Phasels Wood for summer camp, we pitched our tents and then tried two activities testing our reactions. In Batak, the player has to hit each button as it lights up in a random sequence. Human buzzwire is the usual game moving a ring along a wire, except that the ring is on a helmet attached to your head…

Day 7: Climbing with chips

The climbing wall, pedal cart racing, the adventure playground, and one last game of Danish Longball. Then our traditional last dinner of fish & chips (no washing up, ‘cos we’ve already cleaned the pots), and a final sit round the camp fire.