Cub Weekend camp kit list

Bedding and night gear

  • Sleeping mat, self-inflating ones are good please train them to roll them back up
  • Sleeping bag
  • Blanket, provides extra warmth
  • Small pillow
  • Pyjamas (warm ones are best and a track suit is sometimes warmer and just as functional, the advantage is they can wear this all camp without needing to change for bedtime!)
  • Cuddly toy (we insist on these – for the younger Cubs who may feel awkward about having a favorite toy with them we ask that everyone brings one, even the leaders)


  • Stout shoes (such as they wear to school) or walking boots
  • Light shoes (trainers are OK)
  • Wellington boots if not bringing  walking boots (in a separate plastic bag )
  • Warm coat and/or anorak or similar waterproof coat, warm hat and scarf.
  • If snow is likely then waterproof trousers and waterproof gloves would be useful
  • Spare pairs of socks and pants
  • Trousers (preferably not jeans as they take too long to dry out if they get wet and are unsuitable for many of the activities), one pair plus one spare – tracksuit bottoms or jog pants are fine
  • Shirt or T-shirt, long sleeved would be preferable.
  • Jumper or fleece.
  • Handkerchiefs or tissues

Washing items

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Soap in waterproof container (which may return home unopened!)
  • Hair brush and/or comb
  • Hand towel

General Items

  • Torch with batteries
  • Comic or book to read.
  • Pencil/pen and notepad/paper.
  • Small game if they would like to bring one, Top Trumps is perfect, no electronic games please.
  • Some spare polyethylene bags for wet/dirty/damp clothes and shoes. I use a set of zipped travel bags I purchased in Boots for the small items which are transparent and enable them to be located quickly and easily.
  • Small amount of pocket money although we probably won’t have much opportunity to spend it. This is to be in a small named bag in small change and handed to the leaders. We will look after this and distribute as necessary.

Eating items

  • All cutlery, plates and cups is provided at the site; there is no need to bring any of these for Cub Scout camps.


  • Any medicines they are likely to need must be declared and handed in to the leaders for safe keeping. Please mark the medicines with the name and instructions for use. Inhalers may be kept by the Cub Scout but you must inform us if they have them. We need to know if a child is susceptible to asthma attacks.


  • One small/medium bag to put everything in. Holdall styles are best or a sports bag. Try and get everything into it, including wellingtons and sleeping bag. If it doesn’t fit you’re probably packing too much.