Our programme

The programme is set at the beginning of each term by the Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC), where the Scouts who lead each Patrol meet with adult Leaders to plan programmes and discuss Troop affairs. If you’re reading this very early in the term, therefore, our programme may still be a work in progress!

05/09/2019Patrol Leaders' Council (PLs and APLs only)
12/09/2019Skills challenge 1Three skills (sewing, bike maintenance and ironing) from the five needed for the challenge - more in week 2
19/09/2019Town navigationNavigate around Hitchin to complete a challenge
26/09/2019Fit4OCR?A torchlit session over obstacles. Bring a head torch! Subject to confirmation. http://www.fit4ocr.com/
29/09/2019Harvest church parade
03/10/2019Fire-lighting at Hitchwood
10/10/2019Unnamed meeting
16/10/2019Climbing and archery (half the Troop)
17/10/2019Unnamed meeting
23/10/2019Climbing and archery (half the Troop)
24/10/2019Evening hike (practice for 9 November!)
31/10/2019No meeting (half term)
07/11/2019Skills evening 2
09/11/2019District night hike competition
10/11/2019Remembrance church parade
14/11/2019Unnamed meeting
21/11/2019Unnamed meeting
28/11/2019Unnamed meeting
05/12/2019Unnamed meeting
12/12/2019Unnamed meeting
19/12/2019Unnamed meeting