Our programme

The programme is set at the beginning of each term by the Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC), where the Scouts who lead each Patrol meet with adult Leaders to plan programmes and discuss Troop affairs. If you’re reading this very early in the term, therefore, our programme may still be a work in progress!

06/09/2018Patrol Leaders' Council (PLs only)
13/09/2018Knots and lashings
20/09/2018Our community
23/09/2018Harvest church parade
27/09/2018Wide games at Hitchwood
04/10/2018PLs take charge
18/10/2018Unnamed meeting
25/10/2018Contacting Scouts abroad - planning session
01/11/2018No meeting (half term)
08/11/2018Fund raising planning
11/11/2018Remembrance Day church parade
15/11/2018Cooking / baking competition
22/11/2018Visiting speaker
28/11/2018Archery and climbing at The Priory School
29/11/2018No meeting (see Wednesday)
06/12/2018Unnamed meeting
13/12/2018Unnamed meeting
20/12/2018Unnamed meetingSamuel Lucas finish earlier this week