Dads and Cubs 2016

Every year we have either ‘Mums and Cubs’ or ‘Dads and Cubs’ and this year it was Dads and Cubs.

The Cubs showed their Dads how to play lots of exciting games (not that the Dads were competitive) and showed them how to navigate using a map in the rain!

IMG_1708-1Our slightly wet campsite before the sun came out on Saturday

We walked over the Roman Baths at Welwyn and this was the first time for most of the Dads. Best of all we even got to meet Tony Rook who found the original baths just before the A1(M) went over the top of them. IMG_4914-1

Tony Rook and the Cub Scouts making their promise underneath the A1(M) at the Roman Baths

A good time was had by all and next year it is the Mum’s turn!

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