The feedback we’ve had so far is that everyone had a great time at DAW…..the weather was very good to us, maybe a bit too hot at times but we couldn’t have asked for better.

Thanks to ALL the help we got as a group: drivers to/from Bromham, equipment movers, setting-up, striking camp, escorts and camp cooks.  Without your help, we couldn’t have attended DAW anywhere as successfully.

Pictures from DAW can be found here: https://twitter.com/hitchinscouts

Saracens vs Harlequins rugby tickets – earn cashback for the group


Saracens will play Harlequins at Wembley on Saturday 22nd March 2014, kick-off 15H15 but show starts at 14H00. Saracens return to the iconic venue for the eleventh time for an afternoon of high class Premiership Rugby and live spectacular entertainment.

Tickets are priced from only £16.50 for adults and £5 for Junior (U16) – the Group will get £5 cashback for every adult ticket and £1.50 for every U16 ticket.

Take advantage of this great promotional offer by booking online at www.saracens.com/wembley/groups and at the same time earn cash back for us.

All tickets purchased using your group code, before 7th March, will be seated together.

Click the tab at the bottom of the page “how to book tickets” – this takes you through to the online booking page

  1. First you need to order your Adults tickets:
    1. Select quantity required from left hand box
  2. Enter your case sensitive password in the box to the right of the ‘Price’ field – your club code is: 11THHITCHINSCOUTS
  3. Repeat the above process for U16’s tickets
  4. Click on ‘Find Tickets’ at the bottom of the left hand box
  5. On the next screen enter the two words in the ‘Security Check’ page
  6. Continue to checkout, enter payment details and finalise order*


Great effort by all those at the bag pack

We had a very successful day at our bag pack at the Iceland store in Hitchin. 5 shifts of leaders, parents with Beavers, Cubs and Scouts handed out baskets, packed shopping bags and loaded home deliveries.  Everyone was impressed with their help and cheerfulness.

We had collection buckets out for donations, and collected an amazing £406!

Well done eveyone and thanks to Sue and Anthony from Iceland.

Conkers and Bridges

At last there are conkers lying around so we finally did our annual conker championship.  After some thorough tution in gameplay (and safety!) from Baaloo, battle royale commenced.  Some of the conkers lasted a long time, except Skip’s which Baaloo shattered in 3 goes. Later, bridge-building with art straws.  Building a bridge with 12 straws long enough to get a toy car over the chasm.  Some designs were very novel but not very practical 🙂

Sit up straight!

The Cub packed walked down to the British Schools Museum to experience a real lesson at the British School.  They learnt about the history of the British Schools model of teaching, the fact that Hitchin has the only remaining British School and how the school day was back then. They were very well-behaved and really got into the spirit of the 19C classroom. Baaloo wondered if he could take some of the teaching methods back into his real-life school.  This trip out is another part of their Local Knowledge activity badge completed.

A very big thank you to William’s granma, Yvonne, for hosting us at the BSM.

Old favorites….a chalk chase

Despite of (or should that be in spite of) the weather forecast, Cubs went out on a chalk chase last night.  Even Ka probably remembers doing chalk chases when he was a Cub….   It’s very simple – the first Six go out, walk a route and leave chalk marks on the ground for the following group to follow.  We leapfrog groups so everyone takes a turn to set the route.  Last night, we were up and down Sun Street, through St Marys, down William Ransom Way, through Bancroft Rec and back to Christchurch via the swimming pool.  Setting an ambush is all part of the fun.

Kite flying or tent pitching…?

The weather got the better of us, so instead of practising pitching tents on a very blustery Butts Close, we pitched tents inside Christchurch and used duct tape instead of tent pegs. Cubs learnt the golden rules of tent-pitching: check for stones and sticks before laying out the tent; always push the poles, never pull; shoes off inside the inner tent and use your pole bag to check the canvas will fit back in the bag.

Rockets raining down….

Tonight the Cubs test-fired their rockets on Butts Close, and got some amazing distances.  Well done to Samuel & Finlay, nearly 100m for their rocket!  Close behind were Jack & William L and Noah and Daniel L.  Well done all the rocketeers.