Lego Nights

Thanks to a generous donation of Lego from the Lego Foundation (Akela’s son works for Lego) we had two great nights using Lego.

Our first night was playing a competitive version of Creationary. This is where a person in each Six (the Creator) is given a word and has to build a Lego model to show the word. The rest of the Six then have to guess what the Creator has made. Competitive Lego and great fun.

DSCN0156Our second night was playing stories with Lego. Each Six was given an ‘open’ sentence, e.g I was lost …. The Six had to develop a story around the sentence and each person in the Six had to make a model to illustrate part of the story.

The picture shows the winning Six with their imaginative story (led by Nat who eloquently described it ‘as a reworking of ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’).

IMAG0124At the end of the night all the Cubs got to take their models home with them and the rest of the Lego is being donate do the Hitchin Autistic Children’s Lego club.

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