Camp at Home!

Many thanks to Northumberland Scouts, who have invited us (and all other Scouts) to join their Camp at Home event, which runs all this month. Here’s one of our Scouts ready for his first night. We used to say, Put the Out into Scouting, but luckily Scouting also contains an In 👍

Distance Scouting

We may all be maintaining social distancing, but lone Scouting is nothing new – it was first heard of in 1913. Scouts all over the country are making new plans, and here are our suggestions for activities at home. We’ve also sent out invitations to Jamboree on the Internet, a camp fire and a month-long camp, all of which you can do from the comfort of your own home.

PLs take charge

The Patrol Leaders took over the evening from the adult leader team, who had very little to do for the night. The PLs each ran a different challenge, and the Patrols moved round and tried each on in turn.

Pancakes and potshots

Cooking marshmallows on a Swedish torchComplicated evening. Three Patrols went shooting air rifles. In between turns, they lit a Swedish torch. As you can just about see in the photo, one or two of the marshmallows got torched as well, but they still made good s’mores when put between two chocolate digestives. The other three Patrols cooked (lots of) pancakes at church. Next week we swap round and do it all again.

Pancake cooking