Mapping it out

We played some games using the conventional signs from Ordnance Survey maps. Scouts matched signs with their meanings. Should come in handy later in the term!

UK Parliament Week

‘Toeing the line’

We all see and feel the work of Parliament in our lives but what goes on behind the scenes? Peter Lilley (MP for Hitchin and Harpenden) visited 11th Hitchin (Christchurch) Scout Group on the 3rd of November to tell Cubs and Scouts about the work of Parliament and how our laws are made.

dsc_5913Mr Lilley visited as part of UK Parliament Week (14-20 November) and gave Cubs and Scouts an opportunity to hear about the House of Commons, the House of Lords and what really happens as laws go from an idea to reality. A fascinating evening for the Cubs and Scouts to talk with their constituency MP and we would like to thank Mr Lilley for giving up his time and coming to visit us. dsc_5935

If you have ever heard the phrase ‘Toe the line’ then this comes from the two red lines running lengthways down the Commons chamber. MPs are not allowed to speak from the floor of the House between these lines and if they ‘cross the line’ then the House will call from them to ‘toe the line’ and stand behind the red lines. Tradition says that these lines are two sword-lengths apart to prevent MPs duelling!

Cub Camp 2015

Summer in England is never predictable but 15 Cub Scouts had a great time in the worst weekend for a long time.

DSCN0103We have great time at Gilwell and even enjoyed (?) a long walk in the rain in Epping Forest – we were allegedly looking for the Lost Pond but never got that far. We were, however, very close to Dick Turnip’s Cave (stand and deliver your vegetables anyone?) or maybe it was Dick Turpin’s Cave?

We did lots of activities (aeroball, bouldering, pedal go-karts, canoeing, grass sledging and even Jacobs Ladder) and ate very well thanks to Catherine’s excellent cooking.

A great time was had by all despite the weather (dodge-ball in a tent in the rain can be quite challenging).

Lets hope we all dry out in time for Mums and Cubs in a little over a months time.

For more details see here.

Trading Post

Patrols started with £20. The Patrol Leader hired equipment to carry out activities, for which they were paid. The highest earning Patrol won the evening. Roll on Alan Sugar!!!

Facing dragons

Patrols were asked to invent a product useful to Scouts on camp or elsewhere. At the end of the evening, they presented their ideas to the dragons, in the form of the Leaders, who invested Patrol points in the products they considered best. Welcome to three new Scouts invested at the end of the evening.