Finding Scooby Doo on the map

Tonight at 11th Beavers we learnt a bit about grid references and this involved finding the co ordinates for Scooby Doo’s ears and tail! We’ve also got our battle ships games drawn out and ready to play next week as per Milton Bradley version of the rules. So life-jackets and rafts at the ready for next week!

Finding out about Beavers

So did you know that Beavers (the animals that is) have orange teeth!

This was one of the many interesting things that our Beaver Scouts learnt about Beavers when completing their challenge quiz of searching around the hall for the answers.  We also made Beaver face biscuits and tried out a new game – throwing balls to try and hit chairs and score lots of points.  We welcome 5 new Beavers to our meeting and then at the end of our meeting we said good-bye to our 4 older Beaver Scouts as they ‘swam’ up to Cubs.