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    Behaviour expectations

    The leaders are trained to cope with various kinds of behaviour and the Scout Association has certain policies and rules to be followed when problems arise. Often our most difficult job is getting the young people to be quiet and listen during the quiet moments of the meeting; all Scout leaders (not just the 11th) raise their arm in the air if they expect quiet and attention. Please can you discuss the following ideas with your children so we can work together for maximum effect: Scout meetings will be best for everyone if…

    • All Scouts come to meetings regularly (time doesn’t permit badgework catch-up but we will try to let you know if you can catch-up at home)
    • All Scouts join in and work as a team
    • Leaders and Scouts listen to one another
    • No one makes fun of anyone else
    • There is no bullying
    • No one makes a noise in quiet times like prayers or when game rules are being explained